British Clever Dogs Championships

Rules and Guidelines


Clever-Dogs is a combination of Agility & Flyball.
Two dogs compete against each other on identical courses.
Each course consists of a maximum of 12 and a minimum of 10 agility obstacles plus 4 flyball jumps and a boomerang type flyball box.
One course is coloured Blue and the other Red.
Each course will be known as a “Lane.”
There will be Three levels of competition.


Starters: - For dogs that are not trained in BFA Flyball but are Agility trained or visa versa (All Heights)

(Dogs may retrieve a silent toy if the handler wishes, the toy/ball may be placed on the ground in front of the box, but must be stationary as the dog approaches)

Open: - For all Dogs that have previously competed in Clever-Dogs or have competed in BFA Flyball and are agility Trained.
Open will consist of 4 different heights Maxi, Medium, Mini & Micro
There will be a finals competition for each height (numbers permitting, otherwise heights may be combined)

Multi-Mix:- For Dogs that have previously competed in Clever-Dogs or have competed in BFA Flyball and are agility Trained.

And are any Breed but NOT a Border Collie/Working Sheepdog or any crosses of such.
(ONLY Border Collies/Working Sheepdogs and crosses of such, (that are no longer competing at any organisations Agility shows at their specified height, i.e. Veterans) are allowed to enter this class.)
(All Jump Heights)

(NB. The organisers may introduce other levels i.e. Pairs (depending on demand)
Dogs may only enter one Level (Pairs/Teams excepted)

Competitors will be allowed to practice at designated times, practice will not be allowed without prior permission.

Seeding: At each show, Entrants will be timed on three runs.

 The top 8 in each of the Classes will qualify to Race off in the Finals at the August Finals Weekend. 
Racing at the Finals will be best of 3 or 5 runs, straight Knockout Competition.
NB. The organisers reserve the right to change the racing format at any given time.
The Course will remain the same at all shows for the Qualifying rounds.


Head Judge

The Head Judge will signal the start of racing.
The Head Judge will signal any faults incurred by either dog/handler during racing.
The Head Judge will announce the winner of each race.

Line Judges/Scribes

There will be two Line Judges/Scribes (one positioned on the Start/Finish line on each Lane)
The Line Judges will signal to the Head Judge any faults incurred by either dog/handler on their respective Lanes.
The Line Judges will assist the Head Judge in deciding the winner of each race. (extra Judges may be used under certain circumstances)

(2) Rules of Racing

Dogs may wear a Flat collar or a snug fitting Flyball Harness. (Leads, choke chains or half check collars will not be permitted)

Handlers may not deliberately touch their dogs during racing.

It is the handler’s responsibility to ensure that they have a box loader in position when their race is due to start.

(3) Start

Dogs must start from behind the Start line.

Handlers may hold their dogs by the collar or harness only.

Handlers may leave their dogs in the sit, stand or down behind the Start line.

The head Judge will indicate the start with a verbal command (i.e. Ready Steady Go).

If the dog crosses the Start line before the word Go, it will be considered a false start, the Head Judge will blow a whistle and the race will be restarted

If the dog incurs a second false start he/she will be required to proceed over the first obstacle, return to the Start line, and then continue his/her run.

(4) Legs
Each race will be divided into “Legs” the best of three (3 or 5) legs decides the winner of that race.

(5) Finish

The first dog past the Finish line having completed all the elements correctly is the winner of that leg.

If the finish is very close and all three Judges cannot agree on a winner, that Leg must be rerun.

(6) Faults
(NB. Faults do not incur penalty points; if a dog incurs a fault at any obstacle he/she must go back and redo the said obstacle correctly.)

Jumps: (minimum 15 foot between obstacles)

If a dog knocks down, goes under or runs round a jump, he/she must go back and retake the jump correctly. If the pole is down the dog must go through the jump wings.

Long Jump:

The dog must retake the long jump if he/she causes any element to fall, or if he/she jumps out between either pair of side markers.


If the dog misses the entrance to the tunnels or turns around and comes back out the entrance of the tunnels, he/she must retake the tunnels correctly.


If a dog enters the weaves incorrectly (the first pole must be adjacent to the dogs left side), misses a weave or leaves the weaves before they are correctly completed, the dog must go back to the start of the weaves and complete them correctly.

On The Flyball Section:

The dog must go up over all four jumps, collect the ball or item and return over all four jumps with the ball or item, if the dog fails to do this correctly, the handler must collect the dog at the Start/Finish line and resend him/her up the Flyball lane again to complete correctly, the handler may run up and down the Flyball lane with the dog.

The box loader must ensure that the item/ball to be collected remains static, either loaded in the box (all levels excepting Starters) or on the ground directly in front (Starters) not more than 2ins away & central to the box

The box loader must remain upright with hands behind back (whilst the dog is approaching, until after the dog has made the turn from the box.) (All levels excepting Starters)

The box loader may use verbal encouragement only. (All levels excepting Starters)

(7) Qualifying

A dog may be entered to qualify each day at each of the shows, (to try for the dogs fastest time)


The top 8 in each of the Classes will qualify to Race off in the Finals at the BAA August Bank Holliday Grand Prix Finals Weekend.  At Asfordby Amateurs Sports Club, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire.

The Finals will consist of:
Open, Starters, & Multi-Mix

The winner of each category will receive a Trophy

The Title of: “British Clever-Dog Champion’s” goes to the winner of the Open Class at each height.

Rosettes will be awarded to 8th place in each division. Those who have entered qualifiers should Visit or for an updated list of results,  

It is the competitor’s responsibility to inform the BAA of intention to attend the finals if qualified.
BAA rules & regulations must be observed at all times.

Size Classification
Micro – For dogs measuring 12ins (30.5cm) or under at the withers. Maximum permitted jump height is 9ins (23cm).
Mini – For dogs measuring 1ft 3ins (38cm) or under at the withers. Maximum permitted jump height is 1ft 1.75ins (35cm).
Medium – Dogs measuring over 1ft 2ins (36cm) and under 1ft 7ins (48cm) at the withers. Maximum permitted jump height is 1ft 5.75ins (45cm).
Maxi – Dogs measuring over 1ft 5ins (43cm) at the withers. Maximum permitted jump height is 2ft (61cm).

On a lighter note: You will know when your dog has incurred a fault:
The Judges will be waving flags; the commentator will announce it and your friends will be screaming at you from the sidelines
Have fun with your pet dogs



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