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ALL of our rings at our shows are fully fenced, with a cross-over section for the in and the out so that once you are in the ring, the fence looks solid all the way around with no visible gaps.

Our judges are always very friendly and approachable.

Here at BAA we believe that dogs should be able to judge an appropriate height for their own build.
This means that most dogs will jump their own height to the withers.
For some breeds that are giant or are heavier set, we also have a weight to height ratio enabling them to jump lower than their withers so they can also have fun competing.

Yellow dogs - dogs that need more space etc: we welcome these dogs at our shows and they even have their own league! We all know that these dogs are not bad dogs, they just need a little bit more space and a bit of understanding.
We have 6ft spacing between dogs in the queues (don't worry we don't enforce it if you want to stand and chat with friends!). This means that its mandatory to be given space in the queue rather than having to ask for it.
We also don't have dogs barking and lunging at the rings. If you have a dog that will do this then someone will save your space in the queue for you so that you don't have to stand there.
This means you can give your dog some space from the queue and the rings and they can calm down ready for their run.
This allows for a calmer atmosphere at the show which allows dogs who don't cope well in show atmospheres a chance to actually compete.

NFC (not for competition) runs are available at these shows meaning you can take a silent toy or some types of food into the ring with you to do a training round. You get a set time of 60seconds for NFC runs allowing you to use your time in the ring however you please, whether its confidence building for a young or nervous dog, or trying to maintain criteria in the ring with contacts and start lines, the choice is yours.


Canine Hoopers UK

Most BAA shows also have a CHUK ring as well allowing you to compete in both these fantastic sports at the same show!
You can find out more about CHUK here: www.caninehoopersuk.co.uk



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