Remember - if you have achieved automatic/voluntary promotion in one discipline but not the other, you have the option of moving up in both.

Orange = Automatic Promotion - NO action required by you

Blue = Voluntary Promotion (if you are in the blue section and you wish to be promoted you must apply via email which MUST BE RECEIVED BY 24th September otherwise you remain at your original level for the season) EMAIL SUBJECT - BAA PROMOTION 2017


Dogs acheiving 2 wins Agility or 2 Wins Jumping may apply for promotion during the season

(please note if you choose to move up during the season you will be entered at a lower place in the higher league)

PROMOTION is via points gained within the league tables or two Agility or two Jumping wins during the season & Winners of British Open Championships & Finals.

The promotion tables are produced using the following guidelines:

Introductory to Primary:  

Gaining at least: 100 points for Automatic promotion then gaining at least 50 points for voluntary promotion.

Primary to Novice: 

Gaining at least: 200 points for Automatic promotion then gaining at least 100 points for voluntary promotion.

Novice to Graduate: 

Gaining at least: 400 points for Automatic promotion then gaining at least 200 points for voluntary promotion.

Graduate to Masters: 

Gaining at least: 800 points for Automatic promotion then gaining at least 400 points for voluntary promotion.

Please note: If your dog is Automatically or Voluntary promoted in one element & you wish to move up in both, then you may do so using the promotions form.

All the promotion tables have taken into account: Points & Wins

All automatic promotions will be completed for you.

If you wish to move up voluntarily please send an email to taming-canines@hotmail.co.uk detailing your details, your dogs details, along with details of your move up. Email subject must be BAA PROMOTION 2017

All voluntary promotion needs to be resolved by 24th September 2017 otherwise dogs remain at their current level for the season.


BAA FINALS - These will no longer be grouped by level alone - each level will also be split into 2 height categories -

Maxi-Plus  ---  Maxi  ---  Medium

Mini --- Tiny --- Micro

Throughout the show season - some of the agility, jumping and steeplechase classes will be announced as qualifiers - GPQ classes - Grand Prix Qualifier

At this years FINALS show there will be 3 finals! - Agility, Jumping, Steeplechase.

For the Agility and Jumping finals - there will be ten heats for each held throughout the show year. The show results will be split this year for the finals. Maxi-Plus, Maxi and Medium heights will be one category. Mini, Tiny and Micro will be the other category. The winner of each heat in each height category will automatically gain a place in the FINAL.

For the Steeplechase finals - there will be ten heats held throughout the show year. The steeplechase will have 4 level categories - Introductory, Primary, Novice Plus and Veteran. Each level will be split into 3 height categories - Maxi-Plus and Maxi, Medium, Smalls (Mini/Tiny/Micro). The winner of each level in each height category will automatically gain a place in the Final.

There is an extra chance to qualify for the Steeplechase final - any dog who has gained a Clear round at any steeplechase class throughout this show year, but who has NOT already qualified for the final - will be eligible to enter Round 1 - held on the Friday of the finals weekend. The winner of each level and each height category will also gain a place in the Final.


Research & Information Papers regarding jump heights have now been printed for BAA members to read at BAA shows,


BAA are changing Jump & Dog Height requirements so that NO dog jumps
anything that is any higher than its own height measured to the withers
compulsory or no more than 1" voluntarily

Dogs under 13" = Micro = 9"
Dogs under 13" Have a choice Micro or Tiny = 11.5” (where available)
Dogs between 13" & 14" Have a choice Tiny/Micro
Dogs Over 14" & up to 16" = Mini = 13.75"
Dogs Between 16" & 17" Have a choice Mini/Medium
Dogs over 17" & up to 20" = Medium = 17.75"
Dogs Between 20" & 21" have a choice Medium/Maxi
Dogs over 21" & up to 24" = Maxi = 21"
Dogs over 24" = Maxi Plus = 24"

The weight to height ratios will remain the same.
The A Frame will remain at 5 feet to the apex for standard classes & 4 feet to the apex for Veterans.
Changes within the BAA are decided following "on the ground" studies, gathering of data & information from scientific studies & veterinarians that provides evidence jumping lower is beneficial for the dogs long-term well-being.


The British Agility Association are based near Melton Mowbray and hold agility competitions throughout the UK, with the emphasis on the long-term well-being of the dogs

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